Jesus commanded His

disciples to teach (or literally, “disciple”) all nations. We believe that since the expiration date He put on that command was “the end of the world”, He fully expects us to teach/disciple today. We also believe that for people to engage in discipleship, they should know what that

means. Jesus was clear with the twelve about the cost of discipleship and what was coming.

In an effort to follow Jesus’ model and the patterns of scripture, we have compiled some information here to give you an idea of what discipleship will look like. Granted, discipleship doesn’t happen in a 5 class program alone, rather this is simply one tool in an array of many. Outside of the basics of personal devotion (i.e., daily prayer and Bible reading), faithful attendance to services, and creating personal relationships with other members in the church; we also recommend the Growth Track program, one-on-one personal or home Bible studies (can be conducted anywhere), and small groups as various tools to help you get growing in your walk with God.

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We’re all about individual growth. We also know that to be unclear is to be unkind…so here’s the growth process at ILC Riverside.

Personal Bible Studies

We have many Bible studies meeting around the area. These are individual (e.g, coffee shop) or in the comfort of your home for families.

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Self-Led Bible Study

If you’re interested in finding out more about “Spirit & Water Baptism” referenced in Step 2 of Growth Track, grab your Bible (or open another tab set to and click “Into His Marvelous Light” to get started with an interactive Bible study.

Into His Marvelous Light

For Bible Study Teachers

Check out our Bible Study Resources page for content and hyperlinks to help you prepare for and teach studies as you disciple others.

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